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1. Use image upload link.

To buy multiple items, simply follow the same steps again for each item you wish to purchase.

2. To send us your photo(s) via email

  • Open your preferred email service and click on "Compose" to create a new email message.

  • Attach the photo(s) you wish to send by clicking on the "Attach" or "Attach File" icon (usually represented by a paperclip).

  • In the "To" field, enter our email address: photo@giforue.com.

  • Remember to include your order number in the email's subject line so that we can quickly match your photo with your order.

  • If you have any specific instructions or requests, please include them in the body of the email.

  • Finally, review your email to ensure that you have included all necessary information and attachments, and then click "Send."


    If you have any questions or concerns about sending your photos to us, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team is always available to assist you and ensure that your order is processed smoothly.



    Personalized sequin pillow

    Flip the sequins to switch
    between two photos.

    personalized two photos sequin pillow
    Click for more details.