Perfect Custom Sequin Cushion Cover Photo Gift Labor Day

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Labor Day sequin cushion cover. The sequins are reversed by hand to show or hide image. A special throw pillow for Labor Day. Wholesale Labor Day reversible sequin magic pillow online. Memorable gifts for Labor Day.

  • Red reversible sequins.
  • 16"x16"(40x40cm),18"x18"(45x45cm).
  • Invisible zipper for easy removal.
  • Down-like comfort and odorless insert.
  • Free standard shipping.
  • Item PI23650.

  • Note:
    - Some slight shifting of the sequins may occur after the sequins are flipped.
    - Contact us for wholesale price.


    Personalized sequin pillow

    Flip the sequins to show or hide

    your name / text / image.

    personalized fliped sequin pillow