Awesome Custom Sequin Cushion Cover Personalized Gift Photo Text Pillow

actually the best thing i think ive ever bought, and it to me super fast which was amazingggg

Cute! Shipper was communicative. Happy with the purchase.

Bought this as a bday gift for my father in law. Item arrived in a timely manner, well packaged. The image looked really nice too. He really loved it.

This turned out amazing!

This was a gift for cousin who just had a baby boy. The sequin on the pillow appeared more pink than purple and did the writing of the boy’s name. However, the personalization with the picture made it very special.

I am so emotional. This is probably the best purchase. It's so freaking gorgeous. Thank you so much.

It was a great gift!! They loved it.

The final result was excellent. It looked so much like my friend's pup, that the puppy wouldn't stop barking at the pillow!

I finally got my pillows and couldn't be more pleased with my purchase! He did a fantastic job and I'm in love ;) Will most definitely order some new pillows soon. Amazing vendor and shop with gorgeous designs.

The pillow looks great! Seller is very helpful. Thank you!


Personalized sequin pillow

Flip the sequins to show or hide

your name / text / image.

personalized fliped sequin pillow