Cheap Custom Made Sequin Cushion Cover Photo Gift Photo Text Pillow

I love it!! I got it as a gift for my mother and she cried when she saw it. she loves it to.

This pillow was a total Christmas hit! It was made for my mother-in-law with her grandbabies now forever immortalized on her couch. She loved the size and quality. I might have to order one for the other grandparents.

This is awesome! Gang is super friendly and helpful and the pillow turned out awesome!!

Very well done! The pillow came out exactly how i pictured it. Good quality photo and the sequins looked beautiful. Definitely would order again!

Love it, you got it to me on time despite the rush I presented.

Amazing customer service and product quality!


Personalized sequin pillow

Flip the sequins to show or hide

your name / text / image.

personalized fliped sequin pillow